REF: 295430000

The Hydraulic Rotating Telescopic Crane is fully hydraulic, has 180º rotation and a configuration that makes it possible to switch between tractor and trailer.

The GRH Azeitona model is designed for loading olives from the ground using blankets or sacks and unloading onto a trailer.


  • Quick and easy 3-point assembly;
  • Can be interchanged between tractor and trailer;
  • Articulation with a 30mm diameter bushing and axle, ensuring high joint strength;
  • Fully hydraulic;
  • Left/right rotation ± 90º.


  • 3 double-acting hydraulic cylinders with arm extension up to 3.5m;
  • Maximum lifting capacity: 1300Kg;
  • Maximum ground height: 5m;
  • Anti-drop valve mounted on the lifting cylinder;
  • Boom tip with hook and 60cm chain on GRH model;
  • Boom tip with double hook and manual and hydraulic latch MODEL GRH - Olive.


  • Hydraulic kit with solenoid valve + remote control;
  • Hydraulic kit with solenoid valve + radio;
  • Hydraulic kit with solenoid valve;
  • Hydraulic Shoe Kit;
  • Fertilizer kit.

Main advantages:

  • Fully hydraulic;
  • Greater angle of rotation - 180º (left/right rotation ± 90º);
  • Possibility of installing wired or wireless controls.